Hi, I'm Christy

It's Never Too Early for UX

Why speculate when you can know? Why guess when you can understand?

Empower your startup with the weapon of knowledge and let facts and evidence guide your decisions.

Make User Experience Design central to your startup culture from Day One.

Dive Below The Surface

User Experience Design practices get beyond surface-level user feedback and perceptions and reveal what lies beneath, empowering your team to discover unmet needs and undiscovered opportunities. Bring your users to the heart of your innovation strategy and significantly amplify your startup's chances of success in a competitive market.

Crafting Better User Experiences

When your team leverages insights from user research, you're empowered to develop intuitive, user-friendly solutions that address genuine problems and enhance the user experience. Integrating UXD means that users are at the heart of your innovation strategy, which can significantly amplify your startup's chances of success in a competitive market.

Reduce Risk

Implementing user-centered design can help identify and address user needs early on, saving time and money.

Deliver Better Products, Faster

Utilizing user-centered design in product development ensures quick, efficient delivery that aligns with your startup’s vision.

Innovation and User-Centered Design

User-centered design refines and directs innovation to improve product quality for diverse user groups. By designing for inclusivity, your startup can reach a broader audience and foster a more profound connection with diverse users.

User-Centered Design and Startup Culture

Embracing user-centered design can cultivate a more empathetic and confident startup culture, centered around the product development cycle.


Interview key stakeholders and team members to identify potential challenges and align vision.


Establish a customized user-centered design strategy through interactive workshops.


Guide your team in transitioning to a user-centric process and nurturing a user-centric culture.


Identify areas for continuous refinement and enhancement.


Assess impact, infuse your startup culture with best practices, and ensure continual growth.

About Christy

With over 15 years of experience in steering world-class design teams, implementing user-centered design best practices, and propelling design operations in diverse sectors, I’ve honed my skills at renowned companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Los Angeles Times, Zynga, NCSOFT, EA, and AI startup, Aimlabs. My track record includes successful game and product launches, efficient product development methodologies, operational restructuring, ambitious rebranding initiatives, development process transformations, and innovative platform redesigns.

I collaborate with selected startups to introduce and leverage the value of user-centered design, enhancing product quality and user satisfaction. My main objective is to harmonize your business goals with user needs, delivering value through thoughtful design strategies tailored to your startup.

For all inquiries, please feel free to reach out:

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